Why R1

Unparalleled Performance

Resource 1 is an established Information Technology consulting firm that has been providing staffing solutions for Fortune 1000 companies across North America since 1982. Our management team is comprised of a highly skilled group of individuals that take pride in the pursuit of perfection when it comes to delivering talented technology professionals to our clients. Where many IT staffing and services suppliers see the industry business model as transactional in nature, Resource 1 takes a relationship based  approach to business and processes that go far deeper than any of our competitors. The result in our perfection to this craft equates to client service levels that are well above industry standards.

We are constantly incorporating new strategies and tactics, to attract and retain talent, allowing us to address the ever evolving landscape of the IT industry in our target markets. Additionally, we service our client relationships in a way that not only establishes them as a partner in business, but in a capacity where they become clients for many years to come. The intersection of well-documented IT talent acquisition with superior client service clearly outlines why Resource 1 is truly unique.

Team Commitment

In the era of IT labor commoditization, the art of employee and consultant care has become a dying practice; but not at Resource 1. In fact, our dedication to our internal staff and to every consultant in the field is our number one priority.  To Resource 1, our consultants are the reason we exist and it shows in every way we interact with them. Our devoted team ensures success and satisfaction across all of our clients and our staff.