Anastasia C. Valentine

Anastasia ValentineAs the Executive Vice President and Managing Director at Resource 1, Anastasia oversees the Technical Recruiting and Human Resources departments. She is involved in the overall strategic planning of Resource 1 and implements long term and short term company goals. Over the last 22 years, Anastasia has been involved in assisting global organizations develop cutting edge technology through identifying and positioning talent. Anastasia also provides human resources consulting services for several Resource 1 clients which encompass strategic management, workforce planning/employment, human resources development, compensation/benefits and employee relations. With a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Illinois University, Anastasia has been in the technical consulting/human resources industry since 1994 and on the Resource 1 team for over 18 years.

Anastasia enjoys vacationing in Michigan with her husband and two sons. She enjoys running, playing tennis, as well as choreographing and coaching figure skating.

Contact Anastasia Directly:

Phone: 630.575.5141