Is Your LinkedIn Profile Hurting Your IT Job Search?

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Hurting Your IT Job Search

As an accomplished IT professional, you know you have the experience, accomplishments and skill sets to impress any hiring manager or recruiter. In a perfect world, those are the only factors that matter when you are searching for a new career opportunity. But recent years have seen a significant paradigm shift in the market, and a wealth of tools are available to recruiters who are considering your candidacy. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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What Should You Be Looking for in a Staffing Partner?


Executive leaders, especially those in the IT function, are confronted daily by the challenges that arise from the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and enterprise-level digitalization. It’s a trend that leads to increased concern regarding cybersecurity, compliance, and privacy. These vulnerabilities are heightened when companies choose to leverage the advantages of open source technology and other cutting edge tools in the realm of business intelligence, big data, mobility and the Internet of Things. Although these technologies help drive business decisions, streamline operational efficiencies and leverage market opportunities, it is imperative to address the associated risks these technologies pose to the entire organization. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Understanding the Trends of the Growing Independent IT Workforce

Understanding the Trends of the Growing Independent IT Workforce

Company leaders everywhere seem to be facing an unprecedented number of disruptive trends to the business landscape, especially in regards to their IT workforce. The rapid pace of digital transformation, massive generational shifts, and a shrinking IT talent pool are just a few of the major challenges to navigate. However, another notable trend that is crucial to understand is a subtle yet significant shift in the traditional employment model, with more and more professionals drawn to the rising gig economy. As these individuals choose contract work over permanent positions, many companies are left grappling with the implications of the growing independent IT workforce. What does this mean for your business? READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Resource 1-on-1 with John Mussatto

Name: John Mussatto

Title: Director of Technical Recruiting

Email Address:

College / University: College of DuPage

As the Director of Technical Recruiting of the Enterprise Services business practice at Resource 1, John is our resident technical expert. He handles the full life-cycle recruitment of candidates on various technologies and platforms. John’s strengths include a high level understanding of technology, ability to find purple squirrels, resume formatting and training/ mentoring new members of the recruiting team. Additionally, he leverages his technical knowledge to assist the Marketing department in qualifying job requirements to ensure the right resources are identified for Resource 1’s clients.

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Body Language: The Most Underappreciated Tool in the Hiring Process

Body Language

For 22 years, I have interviewed many professionals and like most, there have been times that I have made a bad hire. As I succeeded and failed throughout the years, I realized there was a common denominator regardless of my understanding at the time. What I have come to understand is that there is a great deal of nonverbal communication to consider when truly assessing human capital.  So, why are we not watching more closely? READ FULL ARTICLE »

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