Preparing for the Top Technology Skills of 2018

 top technology skills of 2018With a new year comes new trends, job opportunities, and chances to grow and improve. In the 2018 Spiceworks IT career outlook survey of over two thousand IT professionals, 32 percent of respondents expect to look for or start a new IT job in 2018. Although many of these professionals are seeking a better salary, 70 percent are also looking to advance their IT skills through a new opportunity. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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How the STEM Shortage Could Impact Your Company

STEM shortage


Over the years there have been many arguments regarding whether a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) shortage exists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics comments that the answer to that argument depends on which employment sector you are focused on. While there appears to be a surplus of STEM talent in some fields, others, such as software development, are faced with high demand and a shortage of talent. This is a challenge that more companies are struggling with every year. According to a recent CompTIA survey of IT business executives, almost 46 percent of those surveyed have seen a growth in the technical skills gap at their organization within the past two years. Although there are many reasons behind this skills gap, 87 percent of the executives surveyed believe that colleges and universities are not preparing students properly to be successful in this current technology landscape. What is even more alarming is that 89 percent believe this tech deficiency begins in K-12 schools. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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“Building Homes and Lives in the Dominican Republic” -Featuring Resource 1 Team Member, Kristen Long

Resource 1 philanthropy

Driven by strong philanthropic values, Resource 1 regularly encourages its team members to get involved in their communities. Recently, Account Executive Kristen Long had an eye-opening experience during her mission trip to the Dominican Republic. The trip was part of a church program that not only helps locals build new homes, but also allows the volunteers to interact with and mentor troubled teens.


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Resource 1 Supports Local Education Foundation to Bring Robotics to Kids

Resource 1, a leading IT consulting firm in the Chicagoland area, is proud to announce their partnership with the Oak Park Education Foundation (OPEF). The OPEF is a privately funded nonprofit organization that brings educational programs, including VEX Robotics, to students in the K-8 range. They provided a wide variety of STEM programming, while also assisting school districts across Illinois in replicating similar academic initiatives.


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