5 Steps to Conquering Panel Interviews

5 Steps to Conquering Panel Interviews

As the IT labor market continues to tighten, employers are understanding the need to be competitive to attract and retain top talent. One area under tremendous scrutiny is the speed of an organization’s hiring process. Too short of a process may easily lead to making a bad hire. Too long of a process is frustrating for IT professionals who will not hesitate to take a competing offer if presented in a more timely manner. Many companies are trying to address this predicament by shortening their hiring cycle while maintaining the quality of hire. One growing strategy in the IT marketplace today is panel interviewing. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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How Generation Z Will Shape the Workplace

How Generation Z Will Shape the Workplace

Many companies are just beginning to grasp and adapt to the nuances of the Millennial generation in their workplace. However, Generation Z is steadily making its entrance into the workforce. According to The Center for Generational Kinetics (“The Center”), Generation Z was born from 1996 through 2015 with the ending birth year still up for debate. Researchers at The Center concluded that each generation is defined by a historic event. September 11th, 2001 is the event that separated the Generation Z and Millennial generations. Millennials have an authentic emotional connection and they remember it firsthand whereas Generation Zers have only learned about 9/11 through history class or watching a video online. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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How IT Professionals Can Ace Behavioral Interviewing Questions

Picture this: You’re in an interview with an IT manager of a company that you’d love to work for and it’s going great!  You know your technology like the back of your hand, you’ve done your research on the potential employers’ website and you are ready to whiteboard at a moment’s notice.  Then all of a sudden, the IT manager asks “Tell me about a time that you worked effectively under pressure and what was the outcome?”  Blank, you’ve got nothing!   You can’t for the life of you think of one time you’ve been under pressure. Except now of course, and that’s not working for you! 

How IT ProfessionalsBehavioral interviewing questions have increased in popularity with hiring managers over the years and they’re not going away anytime soon. Interviewers are now focusing on what you have done in the past, not particularly what you say you’re going to do in the future.  The past gives managers good insight into how you’re going to perform and solve problems as an employee for them.  As an IT professional, you can talk tech all day long but these questions sometimes have a way of tripping you (and everyone) up.  Don’t fear, however, as there are some simple ways you can better prepare yourself to be ready for these questions in the future.


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Top Reasons Why IT Professionals Look for New Jobs

Top Reasons Why IT Professionals Look for New Jobs

The unemployment rate in the IT industry remains at a steady low. This means the reason IT professionals look for new jobs is not because they are desperate for employment and a renewed source of income. Instead, these highly competent technology professionals are searching primarily for better technical opportunities. The demand for their skills gives them the confidence to explore the marketplace. However, it is essential to understand exactly what motivates them in leaving their old positions and evaluating new ones. Without this deeper understanding, companies will almost always struggle to retain and recruit top IT talent. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Resource 1 Partners with Chicago School for Inaugural Career Exploration Day

career exploration day

Resource 1 was delighted to partner with Pritzker College Prep recently on their inaugural Sophomore Career Exploration Day. The school is located on the West side of the City of Chicago, where over 90% of their graduated students are the first in their families to attend college.

Pritzker has historically held career days on school grounds, inviting company representatives into their classrooms to engage with seniors about their future careers. However, the school recognized that students need an introduction to career options before their senior year to give them the opportunity to develop their interests before applying to and attending college. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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