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Thank you for your interest in our eBook, “The IT Talent Shift: The 6 Things You Need To Know About Hiring IT Professionals Today”.  

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We hope our eBook gives you the insights you need to hire the best technical talent despite the tough IT market conditions that we’re all facing today.

About Jim Gardner
As the Director of Business Development and Managing Director at Resource 1, I work closely with our clients to help support their IT staffing needs. Since I have been a part of the Resource 1 team for over 15 years, I know organizations need a partner that understands the challenges they face in acquiring and retaining top technical talent in today’s market. 

I am proud of our 30 year history and our ability to place 80% of the consultants we present to our clients.  We are currently helping many well known companies, like yours, with their IT resource needs.

Whether you have a current or future need, I would like like to start a conversation to learn more about your business and see if Resource 1 can help.  Please fill out the form or feel free to email me directly and I’ll be in touch with you shortly.