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5 Steps to Conquering Panel Interviews

Many companies are trying shorten their hiring cycle while maintaining quality by using panel interviews. Here’s how to conquer them as an interviewee.

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How IT Professionals Can Ace Behavioral Interviewing Questions

Picture this: You’re in an interview with an IT manager of a company that you’d love to work for and it’s going great!  You know your technology like the back of your hand, you’ve done your research on the potential …

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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Hurting Your IT Job Search?

It’s become essential to utilize social media during an IT job search, but how will you know if your LinkedIn profile is hurting your image?

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How To Customize Your IT Resume For Your Dream Job

Writing a strong technical resume is a true art form.  How do we engage our audience to read past the first three lines of each paragraph to hear what we truly have to say? What keeps a potential employer from …

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Multiple Job Offers: What IT Consultants Should Consider When Selecting the Next Contract

If you are an IT consultant in the job market today, congratulations!  The continued low unemployment rate in the technology market over the past few years has made finding an IT job less difficult than in many other professions.  In …

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